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Founded in 1983, Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is headquartered in Florence, Kentucky (USA). Angstrom was incorporated as an integrated and leading solutions provider for product security, fraud deterrence, brand identity, and brand protection as well as process control and track and trace for manufacturing.

Angstrom utilizes its own organic and inorganic fluorescent pigments, dyes, inks, toner products, OVP's, electronic detection devices, and additives to produce and provide covert document security features with high-end stability.

Our quality luminescent chemicals can be integrated with our electronic detection systems which have the unique ability to accurately measure fluorescent intensity as well as discern between chemicals by luminescent properties.

  • Angstrom manufactures over sixty (60) different UV pigments
  • Angstrom products are used in over seventy (70) different countries
  • Angstrom products are used globally in currencies, passports, driver licenses, state identification card, tax stamps, branding labels, retailing labels, brand security and brand identity
  • Angstrom products are used in the following industries: Agriculture, Aerospace, Automotive, Government Documents, Printing, Retail, Banking, to name a few
  • Angstrom manufactures products in the United States of America and India
  • Angstrom employs its own Ph.D and R&D Chemists on staff
  • Angstrom has been in business for 41 years (as of 2024)
  • Angstrom can offer customized products to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers and prospects

Our staff of Ph.D. chemists and photo-luminescent specialists are willing and able to evaluate your organization’s individual needs and provide the best integrated solution available. Since 1983 many government organizations, prominent companies and financial institutions have relied on Angstrom to provide solutions for their most critical security and process control applications.

We invite you to visit the Angstrom website at or call us at (859)282-0020 for additional information about our products and services.

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