Angstrom Technologies CS-06

Angstrom Technologies CS-06 is an inorganic pigment and an optically variable pigment (OVP). Depending on the viewing angle, the visible color shifts from pink to green. This pigment, suitable for the manufacture of optically variable inks (OVIs), exists in an odorless, free-flowing crystalline powder with a visible color of pink or green.

Pigment Type: Inorganic Pigments

Color: Green, Pink

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Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is a proven, international partner for industries involving security, printing, and detection technology.

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Physical Form
Free flowing crystalline powder
Insoluble in
Water, All organic solvents
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Particle Size (D₅₀ᵥ by Volume)min. 15μmLS 13 320 particle size Analyzer
Particle Size (D₉₀ᵥ by Volume)min. 30μmLS 13 320 particle size Analyzer
Melting Point (Unstable at temps exceeding 180°C)min. 400°C-
Viewing/light angle The visible color shifts by the angle of view and light
Perpendicular: Pink
Angled: Green


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