Angstrom Technologies PC-47

Angstrom Technologies PC-47 is an inorganic pigment that is phosphorescent, featuring an inorganic UV light phosphorescent pigment. In its solid, free-flowing powder form, the visible color varies from light to light yellow. Targeting markets in printing and packaging, this product finds applications in specialty inks.

Pigment Type: Inorganic Pigments, Phosphorescent

Color: Yellow

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Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is a proven, international partner for industries involving security, printing, and detection technology.

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Identification & Functionality

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Part No.


Features & Benefits

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Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Light to light yellow solid, free flowing powder
Insoluble in
Water, All Organic Solvents
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Melting Pointmin. 360°C-
Specific Gravity3.6--
Particle Size D501.5 - 3.5μm-
Particle Size D90max. 12μm-
After Glow Brightness (After 5 min)min. 29mcd/m²-
After Glow Brightness (After 20 min)min. 8mcd/m²-



Green phosphorescent at UV light (200 nm - 450 nm)

Regulatory & Compliance

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