Angstrom Technologies SC-25

Angstrom Technologies SC-25 is a fluorescent organic pigment comprising 98–100% organic red-emitting pigment or dye. Angstrom Technologies SC-25 is a free-flowing powder with a visible color of off-white. Tailored for the printing and packaging markets, this product is utilized in specialty inks.

Pigment Type: Fluorescent, Organic Pigments

Color: Off White

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Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is a proven, international partner for industries involving security, printing, and detection technology.

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Physical Form
Off white free flowing powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Fluorescence Emission (λ max)612 - 618nm-
Melting Pointmin. 180°C-
Fluorescence Excitation365.0nm-
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Ethanol (at 21°C)0.67%-
Isopropyl Alcohol (at 21°C)0.3%-
Heptane (at 21°C)0%-
Mineral Oil (at 21°C)0%-
Propylene Glycol (at 21°C)0.22%-
Acetone (at 21°C)8.7%-
Ethyl Acetate (at 21°C)4.6%-
Toluene (at 21°C)3.4%-
Xylene (at 21°C)1.2%-
Propyl acetate (at 21°C)2.5%-
Water (at 21°C)0%-


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Intensity v/s Wavelength

Angstrom Technologies SC-25 - Intensity v/s Wavelength - 1